🍐⚡️📢 JUIX IPO cancelation 📢🍐⚡️

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3 min readDec 2, 2021


In this blog post we will tell you all about the $JUIX IPOs.

Why cancel the IPOs now?

As everybody can see we didn’t quite raise the amounts we had in mind to launch our $JUIX token. Unfortunately this means we are not able to list $JUIX with a stable liquidity but this also means we can’t launch our JUIX DEX because a big part of the raise was going to be used for first liquidities on our DEX trading pairs.

The amounts that are raised in the IPOs aren’t cutting it and we need to make this very difficult decision to cancel the IPOs. The interest from the community for $JUIX just doesn’t seem to be present.

What does this mean for you as IPO participant?

We will airdrop your full contribution back to your wallet a few hours after the official launch ended, this way you haven’t lost anything but gas and time. We will airdrop a $PEAR compensation later on to cover the gas fees and lost time as well.

Cancelling the IPOs also means that the team will regroup and think of other ways to launch the $JUIX DEX. Until that time we ask you to bare with us, until we find a perfect solution. This is also the best time to let your voice be heard, we need community feedback on all our upcoming solutions.

🍐 Thank you all for understanding this very very difficult decision and keep zapping those $PEAR tokens 🍐

Update 2nd December 2021 : 11 AM UTC : Participants refund

We refunded any participants with an airdrop on their wallet. Here are the tx proof :


Polygon PEAR-USDC LP :

Polygon USDC :






Fantom USDC :

Update 2nd December 2021 : 12 UTC : Participants compensation in PEAR

We airdropped each IPO participants with a compensation in PEAR.

The compensation have been calculated following these rules :

  • $5 in worth value of PEAR for each participants
  • 1% of invested value in worth value of PEAR for each participants (Note : the invested value for LPs have been based on LP value before the IPO)

Here are the tx proof of airdrop :

Polygon : 42237 PEAR airdroppped to IPO participants for a worth value of $2300

BSC : 33626 PEAR airdropped to IPO participants for a worth value of $1109

Fantom : 64538 PEAR airdropped to IPO participants for a worth value of $1226



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