Pear lovers,

⚡️ PearZap Presale Whitelist is opened! 📢

Pear lovers,

Register here ( to be whitelisted for the $PEAR presale.

Whitelisted people will have prior access to buy $PEAR with a discount price in the first round presale.

All details about 1st presale date, $PEAR price and discount are coming soon. Stay tune

🤑 Don’t miss this opportunity to catch an amazing discount on $PEAR 🍐💰

🚨 Only 1500 places are available for this first whitelist!


PearZap is a new coming yieldfarming project on Polygon Chain (MATIC). PearZap brings innovation to Polygon Chain DeFi ecosystem with new features and coming great developments.

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High yields #Polygon, #BSC & #Fantom farming (cross-chain). Telegram: #PearZap

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⚡️ PearZap.

⚡️ PearZap.

High yields #Polygon, #BSC & #Fantom farming (cross-chain). Telegram: #PearZap

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