☸️ POLYDeFi x PearZap 🍐⚡️

Zappearo made an amazing new partnership with OCTAGON (the mascotte of POLYDeFi). This partnership will be a little different then others and for that it deserves some special attention.

☸️ What is POLYDeFi? ☸️

POLYDeFi is going to be a project that is going to focus itself on launching new starting projects coming to the Polygon chain. They will launch IFOs (initial fund offerings) by raising funds through their community. The community will earn yield rewards + they get discount on the new project their tokens and all they have to do is lock their LP tokens in a farm for a couple of days. The POLYDeFi native token is called $OCTAGON.

POLYDeFi promises to always have their investors best interests at heart, so all the negotiations with potential launch projects will be hard ones. POLYDeFi will always guarantee a minimum % of profit on listing of the new IFOs project token.

🐨 POLYDeFi is launching on the 28th of September at 9AM UTC from the koala launchpad on Polygon🐨


$OCTAGON will have multiple utilities and usecases:

✔️ Maximum supply of. 30,000,000 tokens

✔️ Access to exclusive IFO launches

✔️ Early access to new project pools/farms

✔️ Yieldfarming token

✔️ Manual burn mechanism on special events and when needed

✔️ Access to unique POLYDeFi features and contest

✔️ Access to the POLYDeFi NFT marketplace

✔️ Access to the POLYDeFi casino ( I heard that this casino is already developed and that it will be released within the first week)

What does this longterm partnership withhold?

  • PearZap will host an AMA on the 27th of September at 2 PM UTC in the PearZap telegram channel. A lot more AMAs will follow.
  • We will deploy cross staking pools/gardens.
  • PearZap will be part of the POLYDeFi incubation program. This means that Every time POLYDeFi launches a quality project, PearZap will partner up with that project and will get an IFO project farm. Here is how this works: when a project is launched from POLYDeFi they agreed on not deploying any staking pools/farms for a couple of days. The only way to earn the new token will be by single stake on POLYDeFi or by farming on PearZap. This means PearZap gets a lot of exposure from each IFO project and the PearZappers get early acces to new quality projects.

POLYDeFi socials

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⚡️ PearZap.

⚡️ PearZap.

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