What has happened over the last few weeks?

The PearZap core team has tried to get as much exposure as possible in the last few weeks. The marketing team spent around 40–50k on marketing to get as much traction as we possibly could. The dev team released our new BETA JUIX DEX and developed a completely new token called $JUIX. $JUIX token was needed to backup $PEAR as a DEX token since $PEAR is capped to a maximum supply of 60M.

What happened to $PEAR price?

$PEAR prices on both BSC and Fantom went down more than Polygon simply for the fact that there is very low liquidity on these 2 chains. Lately there seems to be a lot of selling going on because investors are losing trust and lost a lot of money. Each of these sells had a big price impact because of the liquidity being so low.

What now?

Without community backup the project is as good as dead. The PearZap core team doesn’t have a good fix to get the DEX up and even if we do, we expect $PEAR to keep going down in price. On each and every social post we experience a great amount of people calling the project a scam and it seems that this amount of people is growing.



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