$JUIX launch Postponed

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2 min readNov 23, 2021


In this medium we will tell you all about the $JUIX launch postponement.

Why postpone the launch?

After digging into the numbers we noticed that it’s currently not possible to raise the hardcaps on both POLYDeFi and PearZap.


50% of the pear liquidity on Polygon is still farming in Wault/apeswap farms without getting rewards and is thus sitting still. Without us knowing if that liquidity will be able to join the IPO we can’t proceed with the launch. Even with the 50% being able to participate we will have a hard time raising the full hard cap on PearZap, because the amount of polygon $PEAR LP tokens out their are simply not enough.


We noticed that the POLYDeFi community isn’t ready for a launch with LP tokens yet since there was only a small amount locked inside their native farms so far. At this point they will not be able to raise more than 50k. We talked with the POLYDeFi team and they will make some changes in their IFO process to make sure their launches will succeed.

Because of the slim chance of the hardcaps getting reached we decided to postpone the launch by a week until the 2nd of December to adjust the IPO process and get community feedback on how they want to see $JUIX launched.

With this extra week we have the possibility to run extra marketing so even more people will know about our juicy $JUIX IPO launch + more partnerships can be arranged and set to kick in soon after launch.

Thank you all for your understanding. We want the project to succeed and with that in mind we need to take difficult decisions like this. We will get you all something juicy in return for this unexpected announcement. Stay tuned.

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⚡️ PearZap.

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