Koala DeFi x PearZap

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4 min readJul 16, 2021

The Pearzappers have entered the jungle. We will be chilling with the Koalas from KoalaDeFi in an awesome partnership.

What is Koala DeFi?

Koala DeFi Finance is a yield farming dapp running on Binance Smart Chain and Apeswap exchange. The idea behind this project is to create a safe place for conservative farmers.

What is LYPTUS?

LYPTUS is a full deflationary DAO token that result a constant price pump with a sufficient burn mechanism. Koala Defi isn’t trying to replace the swap & exchange but to add value into the system and create a suitable and sustainable environment for people to yield farm with high APR. LYPTUS holders have special access to contest and events.

What is NALIS?

$NALIS token is a new smart contract and brings many new features to Koala DeFi. These features are inspired by the latest innovations in the DeFi world. So sum up a few of these features:

  • Dynamic deposit fee system on farms and pools
  • Automatic $NALIS token burn mechanism on farms and pools
  • Automatic $LYPTUS burn as deposit fee to enter a non native token farm or pool
  • Referral program rewards $NALIS token

Koala DeFi V2 looks great and works even better then expected. So its safe to say that the Koalas are making awesome progress. If you haven’t looked into them already you should do it sooner than later, their V2 is beyond awesome!

What does this longterm partnership withhold?

  • Koala DeFi will host the PearZap IKO on their launchpad platform. (The step by step guide will follow later in this article)
  • Once Koala DeFi operates from the Polygon chain there will be farms and pools deployed on both our platforms. So both our communities can enjoy a HUGE APR on $NALIS and $PEAR
  • We will do cross AMAs every once in a while
  • We will play community games/contests together

The following is copied from the Koala DeFi step by step guide on the $PEAR IKO

How to participate in the presale

We’ve made it very easy to participate in the $PEAR presale, all you need to do is enter the IKO launchpad, make sure you’re on the Polygon chain and have your investment ready.

Remember, you will need some $Matic in your wallet for the transaction fees. If you need some $Matic to get started you can use the free faucet on pearzap.com to receive a small amount of $Matic for free, this should be enough for the presale.

We advice to swap some extra $Matic for future transactions. We will post a step by step guide how to load your wallet with $Matic and USDC tomorrow.

A little rundown on the most important numbers of this presale:

  • There will be 160.000 $PEAR tokens available for the presale at a price of $0,50 USDC per $PEAR.
  • There is a minimum contribution of $50 USDC and a maximum contribution of $1000 USDC.
  • The hard cap of the presale is $80.000 USDC.
  • The contribution fee is 5%, this fee will be used to buy back $Lyptus on the BSC chain and eat (burn) it. If you invest $1000 USDC you will receive $950 worth of $PEAR.
  • The presale is on a first come, first serve base and will last for a maximum of 24 hours till Tuesday the 20th of July at 9am UTC.

Let’s go through the steps to successfully buy $PEAR

First click the “contribute” button to participate in the presale. This will give you a popup with a request to approve the spending of USDC

Click the “Approve USDC” button

Enter the amount of USDC you want to spend in the presale and click the “Confirm” button. This will prompt your wallet to popup to confirm the USDC transaction.

We advice you to at least increase the gas by x3 for a fast transaction to be sure to participate in the presale.

Congratulations, you’ve just participated in the $Pear presale and your tokens will be ready to claim from the IKO launchpad on the 20th of July starting 9am UTC!



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