Locked gardens for Fantom

In this medium blog we will tell you all about the locked gardens that are coming to both the BSC and Polygon Network.

🔒 What is the locked garden? 🔒

The locked garden is a feature from PearZap. In this locked garden you can stake $PEAR tokens and lock them away for a certain amount of days. As a reward you will get a stable APR on the $PEAR tokens that are staked into the locked garden + you will be eligible for airdrops on another chain.

👻 Locked gardens for Fantom airdrops 👻

For our recent Fantom launch we will deploy 2 locked gardens. 1 on the BSC network and 1 on the Polygon Network. The locked gardens will be capped, which means that no more than 500k $PEAR tokens can be staked into the gardens on each chain (500k on BSC and 500k on Polygon). Also each wallet will have a cap; on both networks the maximum stake amount of $PEAR will be 5000 per wallet. These caps have been put place to control whale actions and to not hurt the Fantom side.

‼️ The above setup indicates that the locked gardens will be first come first serve. ‼️

🚀 Everybody that managed to stake into the locked garden will get a stable APR on their $PEAR tokens on the chain they staked their tokens + they will be eligible for 1.5x the amount of tokens staked airdropped in Fantom $PEAR. The Fantom $PEAR airdrops will start 14 days after the locked garden is deployed and the airdrops will run for 70 days straight (this means that you will get 1.5x the amount of tokens staked over a timeframe of 70 days, 1.43% each day). 🚀

⏰ When locked gardens? ⏰

The locked gardens will be deployed and will open for staking on the 13th of October at 11AM UTC.

The APR rewards of these locked gardens will go live around 1 PM UTC and these APR rewards will be distributed for 50 days. We loaded each locked garden with 40k pear from the dev wallet.

🙏 We promised to keep focus on both our Polygon and BSC side and we always live up to our promises. We also have the supergarden upcoming for the people that currently have tokens locked in the previous locked garden. 🙏

🍐⚡️ Happy staking PearZappers! 🍐⚡️

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