Our plan to restart the bridge

As most of you know we have paused the evodefi bridge a few hours after our BSC launch.

The bridge : https://bridge.evodefi.com/?token=PEAR have been used so much during the first hours after launch that the BSC side of the bridge has been quickly emptied.

Many users wanted to give a try to the bridge to send PEAR from Polygon to BSC and haven’t been able to do so.

How to solve this?

We dug into the problem and have a proposal to fill the bridge again on the BSC side with PEAR tokens to restart the bridge slowly.

IMPORTANT NOTE : The below proposal will be voted by the community. We won’t take the decision to go this way without you!

As the dev team can’t mint PEAR tokens (for security reasons, only the masterchef smart contract can mint PEAR to distribute within the farms and pools), the only way to collect tokens and fill the bridge on BSC side is to add a pool used only by the dev.

The technical proposal

We will take 2 actions to collect more PEAR token to fill the bridge :

• Increase momentarily the emission rate on BSC side

• Adding a pool to allow collecting tokens for the bridge

Increasing momentarily the emission rate : Why ?

If we want to collect enough token to get a decent amount for the bridge every day and keep our amazing APRs for the community, we need to boost the emission rate from 4 PEAR per block to 6 PEAR per block for a while. We can’t tell now how long this boost will be needed but it’s probably a matter of one or two weeks.

When both chains will find an equilibrium, we will be able to get back to the standard emission rate of 4 PEAR per block.

It’s important to note that our maximum circulating supply over all chains will stay 60,000,000 PEAR, even if we make a short term boost on BSC.

Adding a pool to allow collecting tokens for the bridge

We propose to add a pool to collect a part of the daily PEAR emission rate and send them to the bridge on the BSC side. We will be able to collect around 45,000 to 50,000 PEAR tokens per day (depends how many blocks are minted on BSC per day) without changing the actual APRs because we will increase the emission rate.

Those tokens will be added every day to the bridge on the BSC side to allow at least 45,000 PEAR to be bridged from Polygon to BSC everyday. It’s not a very big amount and for that reason, we will ask to evodefi to limit the maximum amount per tx to 100 PEAR to give the possibility to 450 users to bridge some PEAR every day. Important : Once the bridge will be empty on BSC side, users will need to wait for the next day to see their tokens bridged to BSC. This means that some tokens can get stucked into the bridge for 24 hours if there’s a too high demand for that.

How to add a pool reserved only to collect bridge tokens ?

By adding a pool into the masterchef smart contract to stake a temp token (bridgePEAR token for e.g.), the dev team will be able to deposit 1 temp token and be able to harvest PEAR rewards every day to fill the bridge on BSC side.

Once that pool will have no more necessity, the pool will be deactivated and those bridgePEAR tokens will by destroyed (burned).

A community choice : We need you to vote!

We want to take that decision and launch that plan as a community! For that reason, we will launch a poll to let you decide if we start that plan or not. The poll will be done in our Telegram main chat only and will last few hours only because we want to act fast with that.

It’s important also to understand that this plan needs at least 24 hours after the vote to be put in action because (for security reasons) our smart contracts are protected by a 24 hours timelock and every dev action need to be planned and reviewed for at least 24 hours.

Thank you and get those votes in!

High yields #Polygon, #BSC & #Fantom farming (cross-chain). Telegram: http://t.me/pearzap #PearZap

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⚡️ PearZap.

⚡️ PearZap.

High yields #Polygon, #BSC & #Fantom farming (cross-chain). Telegram: http://t.me/pearzap #PearZap

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