Recap; week 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44.

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4 min readNov 7, 2021


Welcome to yet another recap. We missed a few bi-weekly recaps but we will pick up again on these medium blogs.

We had some pretty busy weeks, in which we released a lot of news;

- 🦜 We extended our partnership with the parrots from YieldParrot. A boosted vault was deployed on YieldParrot a YUGE APY. 🦜

- ☸️ Pools and gardens were deployed with out longterm partner; POLYDeFi. ☸️

- ❌ The staking pool to stake $LINK -> earn $PEAR was removed from the Polygon Dapp. ❌

- 🌉 PearZap decided to close the bridge until further notice. It will remain closed until we find a good solution on how to open it without hurting price action. 🌉

- 🖼 We hosted 2 profile picture contests; 1 on Twitter and 1 on Telegram. These contests did way better than we could have ever dreamed it would do. 🖼

- 🦙 PearZap partnered up with the grass eating Alpacas from Alpaca Finance A grazing range was deployed on the Alpaca Finance platform. 🦙

- 💈 We helped out our Barbershop DeFi partners with their gleam campaign by providing some $PEAR prizes for their campaign. 💈

- 🍐 $PEAR got integrated within Pacoca, which is one of the best portfolio managers out there. 🍐

- 🎡 We released the Pear Spinner on Polygon first and recently we also deployed the Pear Spinner on the Fantom network and BSC network. 🎡

- 🥮 PearZap deployed a delicious garden on the BSC Dapp to stake $PEAR and earn $CAKE. 🥮

- ❌ The single staking pool, stake $ADA -> earn $PEAR was removed from the BSC Dapp. ❌

- 👻 PearZap launched on Fantom through our scary partner; Spiritswap. The launch was a HUGE success and got us a lot exposure. We even got a retweet from the Fantom foundation itself. We reached a stunning 4M TVL within only 1 week on Fantom. We also launched the very first Fantom garden; stake $PEAR -> earn $WFTM. $PEAR Autocompounding vaults were deployed on Fantom as well. 👻

- 🔒 Once again, locked gardens were deployed, which made stakers eligible for Fantom airdrops. Both locked gardens on BSC and Polygon hit their cap really quick. 🔒

- ⏳ Zappearo teamed up with the amazing Sandman Finance project. Together with the sand people we deployed cross staking pools and hosted cross Telegram channel AMAs. ⏳

- 🦬 Zappearo zapped new life into in an existing partnership with Buffaloswap. We deployed cross single staking pools for their new token called $REDBUFF. 🦬

- 👨‍🌾 We deployed a PearZap exclusive; the Super garden. The Super Garden distributes 10 PearZap partner tokens + $USDC, just from staking $PEAR. 👨‍🌾

- 😎 Zappearo extended his partnership with the Singers from Singular farm. We deployed cross single staking pools on both our Fantom sides. 😎

- 🤝 We extended the Wpool on the Dapp of our Wault finance partners by a month. 🤝

- 🐄 After Polygon and BSC, we couldn’t resist a Beefy partnership on Fantom. Fantom vaults were deployed on Beefy Finance and PearZap boosted a vault on the Beefy Dapp. 🐄

- 🌳 Where do pears grow? Exactly, they grow on trees. Zappearo teamed up with the amazing TreeDefi project on BSC. For our partnership with Retreeb we deployed 2 single staking pools on the PearZap Dapp and we hosted cross Telegram channel AMAs. More on this partnership is coming soon. 🌳

- 💎 We refilled the shiny $PEAR pool on our longterm Crystal Finance partners’ Dapp. 💎

- 💸 Zappearo partnered up with Retreeb, an amazing project that aims to change the way in which payment processors work. For our partnership with Retreeb we deployed 2 single staking pools on the PearZap Dapp and we hosted cross Telegram channel AMAs. 💸

- 📈 We added some new farms to boost the TVL on our Fantom side. 📈

- 🎰 Zappearo loves to gamble every now and then and for that he decided to partner up with the crushers from Bitcrush. Bitcrush is a truly decentralized Casino. For our partnership with Bitcrush we deployed 2 single staking pools on the PearZap Dapp and next week we will host cross Telegram channel AMAs. 🎰

- 🏦 PearZap got intigrated with DeBank DeFi, which is an amazing multi-chain portfolio tracker. 🏦

- 💣 PearZap announced a strategic partnership with NFTbomb, buying a blind box on there platform gave you a chance to win $PEAR. 💣

- 🏆 Zappearo wanted to dig for some gold and for that he partnered up with the miners from BlockMine. Together with this BSC partner we deployed cross single staking pools and hosted cross Telegram channel AMAs. 🏆

- ☸️ PearZap extended the garden and topped of the pool from POLYDeFi. We will always keep single staking options for POLYDeFi since they are a very close longterm partner. ☸️

- 🔚 We announced the end of the BSC airdrops. 50 days straight we airdropped $PEAR on the BSC side to investors who staked $PEAR in the Polygon locked garden. 🔚

We had some amazing weeks but what to expect for the next 2 weeks?

- 🙌 First of all we will release our very own PearZap DEX within the next 2 weeks. 🙌

- 🤝 More partners will be added and we will start our mission to get other projects to list their liquidity on the PearZap DEX. 🤝

- 👨‍🌾 We will start working on the very first BSC Super garden. 👨‍🌾

- 🥵 Alongside our DEX we will launch something else, which we will announce soon. 🥵

- 🚀 POLYDeFi will most probably launch their first IFO. This project will be a PearZap partner and the IFO project will list full liquidity on PearZap. 🚀

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