Referral bonus boost

The team decided it is time to reward all of the loyal PearZappers with an awesome referral bonus boost.

🚀 The referral bonus boost 🚀

The referral bonus will get a boost on this coming Monday the 23rd. The 1% referral bonus will be increased to a stunning 5%. The boost will last for a full month. The exact ending time will be announced later. The sooner you get your referrals in, the more you will earn over this monthly boost period.

❓ How does the PearZap referral program work?

When a wallet is connected through clicking on a referral link, it will automatically be linked to the referral link its owner. A referral shows up in the profile as soon as somebody made a deposit in one of the farms/pools on PearZap. Each time this person harvests or compounds, the masterchef contract will mint an additional 1% (during boost period 5%) straight into the wallet of the referrer. The more referrals you have, the more free $PEAR you get.

🍐⚡️ Tips on how to get referrals

  • Tell your friends and family about PearZap.
  • Make an explanatory video on PearZap and put your referral link in the info section on YouTube
  • Tweet about PearZap and include your referral link in the tweet
  • Shill your referral link all over Telegram (not our main chat)
  • Have influencers share your referral link

These are just a few options on how to get more referrals.

Keep on Zapping those juice $PEAR tokens

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⚡️ PearZap.

⚡️ PearZap.


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