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2 min readOct 6, 2021


The time you all PearZappers have been waiting for has come. The pear spinner has arrived on Polygon, BSC and Fantom.

❓ What is the pear spinner? ❓

The pear spinner is a feature developed by PearZap. It’s a money wheel in which you can bet $PEAR for your chance to win $PEAR. The pear spinner is 100% random, so the house doesn’t have an advantage.

⚡️ How does the pear spinner work? ⚡️

A bet can be placed in the right side of the screen on the numbers shown. There is a minimum bet of 1 $PEAR and a maximum bet of 4 $PEAR (for now). Let’s give an example:

Bet: A 3 $PEAR bet has been placed on the number 1.

Result number 1: you will win 3 $PEAR tokens (1x bet amount)+ you get your bet back so you will receive 6 $PEAR in total

Result number 5: you will lose your bet amount.

All numbers can be played at the same time if that is what’s desired

🔥 Is the pear spinner burning $PEAR? 🔥

10% of every lost bet will be burned forever. If you lose 10 $PEAR on a bet, 1 $PEAR will get burned forever.

❗️ Burning is not applied when a bet is won. ❗️

The pear spinner can be found in the games section on all PearZap websites.

🍐⚡️ Happy spinning PearZappers 🍐⚡️

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