Token lock Dev address on Fantom

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1 min readOct 16, 2021

In this short medium article we will inform you on the fantom tokens lock from the dev address.

❓Why did we lock the tokens in the dev wallet?

We decided to lock 1.5M $PEAR tokens on Fantom to give our community more ease at heart. We minted a substantial amount of tokens pre Fantom launch because of the upcoming locked garden airdrops. Minting the amount of tokens that we did means that we don’t have to up the emission rate to make the airdrops happen. We understand that seeing an unlocked wallet with so many tokens can be scary so we locked them.

🔒 The lock 🔒

The PearZap team locked a total amount of 1.5M tokens that will unlock gradually in 10 batches. Each week, 150.000 tokens will be unlocked for 10 weeks. These tokens will be used for the Fantom airdrops to those who managed to stake into the locked BSC and locked Polygon garden.

In our docs you will be able to read about the lock and there you will also find the lock TX hashes

🙏 Thank you all for your loyalty and trust PearZappers. We will continue our work to keep the project great 🙏

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