What’s next for PearZap?

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2 min readDec 6, 2021

In this medium we will tell you about what’s been happening behind the scenes at PearZap.

$JUIX launch cancelation

As you all know we decided to cancel the $JUIX launch and listing last minute. Unfortunately not enough money was raised to properly launch our $JUIX DEX. A DEX needs liquidity on all listed pairs and since we didn’t raise enough we weren’t able to launch the $JUIX DEX. The money that was supposed to be raised wasn’t just for $JUIX liquidity.

What happened behind the scenes at PearZap after the launch cancelation?

The team circled back to think of solutions on how to get the $JUIX DEX up. We came out with a proposal to the community and the community votes against the proposal. So now the team is thinking of other ways to get the DEX up and running with the community its approval. The team will come with a new proposal soon, after which we will make another community poll on the proposal.


The PearZap team always promised to keep major focus on $PEAR and that is what we will keep doing. On the 7th of December we will kill all non native farms and pools on all chains. This will drastically reduce sell pressure on $PEAR. The emission rate of $PEAR per block will be adjusted to 2.5 $PEAR per block. We promised we would take these measures to make $PEAR more valuable when we announced our $JUIX token launch. Well $JUIX isn’t launched but we will still live up to this promise that was made.

Stay tuned, new proposals on the JUIX DEX launch will follow soon.

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